What to Keep in Mind When Buying Your Domain Name

The world of domain names has many landmines. Navigating them can prove difficult. A single misstep can be the one that ultimately cripples your business. You must make thoughtful decisions from the beginning to avoid any catastrophe along the way. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check: What is Content Management System or CMS Hosting: Everything You Need to Know

Consider these pointers when buying a domain name for your business. They might just save you from making some common mistakes that ruin online businesses.

1. Make sure that you are the registered owner of your domain name

It’s important to note that if a domain name is not under your name, you do not own it. The person who owns it can do whatever he or she pleases with it. It sounds rather obvious, but many business owners make the mistake of not checking to ensure that their domain name is registered under their name. To avoid being swindled by anybody, always make the purchase yourself.

2. Apply defensive misspelling techniques

Misspells hurt the traffic of your website. Other sites might end up capitalizing on your brand recognition if common misspellings of your domain name lead to their sites. If your domain name is prone to common misspellings, buy the misspelled names as well. You can then 301 redirect these misspelled domains to your site so that anyone who misspells your domain name still ends up on your site.

3. Use Auto-renewal of your domain name registration

A missed renewal of your business’s domain name can give you a crippling business blow. You might forget to renew your domain and end up paying hundreds of dollars to buy it back. Worse still, you may lose it for good along with your online brand and clients, which might force you to fold your business. These days, domain registrars provide an option for auto-renewal of your registration. It would be unwise to leave the fate of your domain name to chance.

4. Don’t purchase a domain name without looking into its past

Never jump on any domain deal before looking into its history no matter how lucrative the deal is. You may end up inheriting a ban or penalties from Google as a result of domain abuse. You may also end up infringing on a registered trademark and end up not only losing your domain but also spending a lot on paying fines and lawyer fees. To find out a domain’s history, you can consult a lawyer or use tools like the Wayback Machine and www.whois.net.

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