4 Things to Look Out for When Buying Expired Domains

If you’re in the domain flipping business or are in the market for a good domain name for your e-commerce site, buying quality expired domains is in your best interest. There are many expired domains on sale on various platforms. Some can take your business to the next level while others can drive you to ruin.

With so many scammers selling virtually useless domains, how do you know which expired domain to buy? What are the things to look out for that separate valuable expired domains from the valueless ones? To avoid being swindled out of your hard-earned money, here are some things you should consider when buying expired domains.

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Tip #1: Look for an aged domain

The age of a domain influences page rank so the older the domain, the higher it ranks due to the trust it has gained over the years. You can find out the age of a domain by looking at its WhoIs details, but search engines use the date the Domain Name was used to create a website not its registration/ birth date.

Expired domains that have not been deleted/ dropped retain their age and page rank. To estimate the real age of a domain, you can use the WayBack Machine, an Internet archive that shows a website’s history since the time it was first crawled.

Tip #2: Look into why the domain is expired

Buying a banned expired domain can be a very expensive mistake. In addition to spending money buying it, you might end up spending a lot more getting it unbanned and rehabilitating it into good SEO health. You should look into the history of the expired domain to find out if it has been banned or penalized by search engines especially Google. Tools like iWebTool.com or SEOMasterig.com can help you.

Tip #3: Citation Flow (CF) and Trust Flow (TF) of the domain name

CF predicts the value of a domain based on the backlinks to it. TF measures the trustworthiness of a domain based on the websites linked to it. A trustworthy domain has links from credible sites.

 Tip #4: Mozrank metrics of the expired domain

Mozrank metrics include the domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA). DA predicts how well a website will perform in SERPs while PA denotes the chance of a specific page to rank in SERPS. These two metrics are crucial in determining the quality of an expired domain. Good domains have a DA and PA greater than 30.

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